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Why am I in web design? Thanks to my dad. He quit his regular job to start a website (this was around 2002) which he eventually sold for a lot of money. It's an inspirational story, but the money is not what I'm in for. I was doing animation and video before I got into web development and it frustrated me that once the video or animation was done, you couldn't optimise it. The audience checked your video, clicked it away and never came back.

This is different with websites. People interact with YOUR problem solving solutions in a certain way, and you can change it over time to see better (or worse) results. That's just the coolest thing. Whether your changing the title of an ad and getting more clicks, or getting people to convert to a set goal once you changed a button color, confirming your ideas actually work is the best feeling in the world.

School and studies I'm a Bachelor in Communication. Studying Communication and Media Design at Hogeschool Utrecht made me aware of all the different aspects in visual communication. From designing magazines in Adobe InDesign to editing video in Final Cut Pro, you get to know all aspects of the graphic design game. I specialised in Mobile Design and User-Experience Design in the last two years of my studies.

Freelance work I have been doing freelance work since 2010 and my first website is still online (don't look at it, it looks like a poop emoji). I like helping out people and if I had to choose, I love short term jobs. Is your site broken and would you like to have it fixed, call me and I'll get it done. So here's the business proposal: if you're looking for someone who can help you out with a WordPress issue, a better responsive website or if you need help setting up an AdWords campaign, let me know. I'd love to help you out. My hourly rate differs per project, but it's somewhere between $40 and $60.

Personal projects I love working on personal projects. My latest one is a WordPress / Woocommerce webshop called (, in Dutch). It's a collaboration between my dad and I. After selling his website he started a Nut and Delicacy shop in The Netherlands and he kept on asking me to build his webshop. After thinking it over and over we decided to go for gold and build the best nuts, seeds and superfood webshop in The Netherlands. We're definitely not there yet, but we made a good start. Check out the website and if you're hungry, buy some delicious nuts at


I have over 5 years of experience in responsive web design and web development. I've been working on small and big projects, projects with a tight deadline and projects with all the freedom of the world. Some of the techniques I have knowledge of:

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Personal Project:

My goal is to build the best nut webshop in The Netherlands. This is a personal project and a collaboration with my father. He owns a nut and seeds deli in the Netherlands - I do the online business. was build upon the advanced theme from, Sage. It is hosted on a single Digital Ocean droplet and optimised for easy and efficient shopping. I am responsible for the concept, the style, I took photo's of all ~300 products and I built the responsive WordPress theme. Woocommerce is synchronised to a Google Docs document in which we update product prices. Once you place an order a custom product label is printed with the ingredients and user data from WordPress.

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Freelance Project:

Migrate two outdated - but popular - websites to WordPress and redesign their front-end with a focus on mobile usability.

New Skool Media, a publisher with 15+ titles in The Netherlands, asked me to migrate two of their biggest websites ( and from an old custom Python CMS to WordPress. After a succesful data migration I redesigned both websites and developed two mobile optimised, custom WordPress themes. Biggest challenge was keeping the first position in Google, but it worked out great.

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Client Work:

Build a custom responsive WordPress theme and relaunch a chiropractors website with Google AdWords campaigns.

Pieta Wittermans is one of my first clients. I built her first website in 2012 (check it out) and at the time, responsiveness wasn't big. She asked me to revamp her website, make it mobile-friendly and to re-launch it with a Google AdWords campagin. The personal photography gives visitors a feeling of trust and extra motivation to book an appointment.

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